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First Church of Christ, Scientist

Podcasts about Practical Applications

Our church is built on the divine Principle, Love.

Sentinel Watch is a half-hour weekly podcast on how to apply Christian Science principles in daily life.

Listen to Sentinel Watch, Teen Connect, a testimony of healing, and the Daily Lift through CSPS Internet Radio at:

You may also listen to the weekly Bible lessons and Sentinel Watch by dialing 332-255-6789 (sponsored by the Joint Christian Science Media Project Serving CT/NJ/NY and beyond.)   

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The Christian Science Daily Lift podcast contains life stories and spiritual lessons from people just like you. Each Lift shares a healing idea that can bless you and help you bless others —all in just a few minutes. The Daily Lift has new episodes Monday through Friday.

Not actually a podcast, but a talk by one of our church members, Violet Snow, about feminism and gender in Christian Science. 

What does it mean to see God as Father-Mother? How did Christian Science support the emerging women’s suffrage movement at the turn of the century? Mary Baker Eddy founded a major religion at a time when women could not vote and were rarely allowed to preach in churches. Her writings contain references to the equality of the sexes, and she presented a concept of God as both feminine and masculine. Her example, coupled with her radical spiritual insights, can inspire anyone seeking to break through apparent limitations in life.