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First Church of Christ, Scientist

Finding the Light that Frees Us from Fear


Feb 11 2024


11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Next in our series of Christian Science video lectures–

Finding the Light that Frees Us from Fear

by Alexandre Fischer

Living life without fear is possible. This lecture explores how clarity about our oneness with God, Love, helps us find answers, joy, and health. Fischer is a Christian Science practitioner from France and a member of the worldwide Christian Science Board of lectureship.

A former lawyer, he used to believe that religion and spirituality meant accepting a system of beliefs and letting go of discernment and critical thinking. But the more he studied and practiced Christian Science, the more he found that one’s relationship with God requires critical thinking to understand spiritual concepts. These concepts can in turn be applied to one’s life to bring healing.

Join us in the reading room, located in the church building at 85 Tinker Street. We will have a discussion after the lecture.

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